WeCraft Solutions LLP is a Mumbai based software development Company Specializing is Mission Critical Business Applications.

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WeCraft Solutions is a young & trustworthy IT solutions Company having voluminous experience. WeCraft Solutions was started in 2010 by 5 engineering students with the single idea to help Simplify Complexities.

Our work includes right from a simple standalone application for shops to a complete ERP for an enterprise, Full Stack Web Development, CRM, SaaS solutions & framework building.

WeCraft Solutions understands the Indian style of business and their Growth possibilities. Producing a very high ROI (Return of Investments) across various types of businesses.

What we love doing

At WeCraft Solutions you get rest assured about outcomes of the projects because,
we do things what we love to do and provide you with the solutions more than you expect.

ERP & Knowledge Base

Manage back-office activities and tasks, Assign work and manage the whole workflow including product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR.

Save time and money by directing Customers & Employees to a online knowledge base

CRM & CEM Solutions

WeCraft Solutions CRM helps you to organise and track the complete sales lifecycle & lets you focus you more on process & Activities

Engage Customer with our Customer optimize and integrate the various touch points of (potential) customers throughout their Customer Journey. with our Customer Engagement Management(CEM) Suite


E-Commerce website designing and development for customers who are eager to go global and sales there products online. We at WeCraft Solutions LLP understands our customer, there business and products to deliver them the best E-Commerce solutions.

Point Of Sale (POS) Solutions

Manage Retails, Resturants, Stores at multiple locations with WeCraft Solutions Point Of Sale(POS) Solutions and systems.

Manage Inventory, Checkouts, Customers, Payment both online and offline

Management Information Systems (MIS) Solutions

Organize, evaluate and efficiently manage departments within an organization. In order to provide past, present and prediction information.

WeCraft Solutions Powerful and intitutive tool for manager and decesion makers.

Full Stack Web Development

Building Product and Services for Web/IOT(Internet Of Things) is built into our DNA at WeCraft Solutions LLP . The internet has become an integrated, seamless, and often invisible part of our everyday lives, WeCraft Solutions visioned it from the start back in 2010.

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